Friday, 15 July 2011

I'm afraid...and I have reason to be...

Aaj kal main kabhi akhbaar nahi padhti...
kyonki dar hai mujhe!
dar hai ki kal jo ghar jalega
wo ghar mera hoga...
jo balatkaar hoga
wo mera hoga...
jiske marne ki khabar hogi
wo bhi koi mera hoga...
aur ye khabar main akhbar me padhungi!

Yes I', afraid! And I have reason to be! Because I live in a world where Me and Mine are sitting targets! And all I see around me is anger and fear! Both valid but useless. And we do nothing about it.

My friend, Preeti Ramani is trying to start a campaign to get Mumbai it's own security force, and she needs support. She too is afraid, like the rest of us! Afraid that tomorrow when we say bye to our loved ones while going to work, may be our final goodbye. News papers say they will help her cause after she gas a support of minimum 2000 voices. I say, let us lend her our voices. Instead of sending text messages full of anger, or abusing the powers that be over a drink, let us stand by her. She does not want to be a leader. She just wants to be safe, like the rest of us! Let us do this!

Let us be responsible for our safety! Let us be heard!

Preeti can be found on facebook currently! Let us support her!


  1. Thanx Varsha!

    A friend Anand Iyer shared this peice of info this morning:

    Mumbai Terror Trail
    1993 to 2011. 14 Attacks.
    700 KILLED. 2383 Injured.

    Does every Bombayite remember the train tiffin box blast, the Taj carnage. I remember the promise the centre made to us: that Bombay will have its own internal security force (among many others). They will not allow Bombay (of course they used the word Mumbai) to be a target any more.

    To expect them to succeed on Bombay not being a target anymore is fool hardy. Nobody can control that. But why with Bombay's terror trail, doesn't Bombay still have its own security force and intelligence agency?

    Why does Bombay still have to wait for 2 hours for get help from the centre after a blast or an eventuality?

    Why does Bombay not be in control of its own intelligence to prevent attacks??

    Why does Bombay not have economic autonomy atleast so far as security issues are concerned??

    I dont want to be selected for the blast lottery the next year or thereafter. Dont support me, please support your self! Support your families!!!

    Desire a change, demand a change!!

  2. The need of the day is not a separate security force for Mumbai as Mumbai police already exist what we need is to overhaul the system and and free the police from the clutches of politicians,Supreme Court of India had directed all states to implement police reforms but none of the states has done it because it restricts the power of politicians in interfering in the functioning of police.