Friday, 22 July 2011

where's your inheritance?

So here I sit in sultry lucknow. it's hot outside. scorching in fact. but i don't notice it. because i am in a hospital. my aunt is critically ill. my heart is breaking once again. she is my dad's only sibling. he is distraught. i hug him as i try to be strong.

we are surrounded by well wishers...people who have come to see her. all claim to have been special to her...some call themselves daughters, some sisters, some mere close friends. fact is, i have never seen most of these people. One wants to wake her up so that she knows that she was visited. can't have a visit unnoticed hence wasted. some try to chat with her, try to cheer her up. she's unconcious...not sad.

in the midst of this stands the question...who inherits? where\s my share?

when we have this discussion, we do realize that the only way to inherit something is to have this person you have loved all your life - DEAD. and when we start discussing where the jewellery should be put away, why do we forget that the person is in hospital but alive. chances are slim but we're hoping for miracles. she is still alive, and insha allah she will wear her sarees and use her jewellery and share much joy with me.

so whoever wants the inheritance can go for it, i'd rather have people i love with me. i'd rather have their love.


  1. I am so sure Varsha that Buaji will wear all her jewelleries and sarees many more times again and will share much more joy with you, pretty soon. Keep the good faith alive.Cheers!

  2. A nice tribute from the heart.