Tuesday, 26 July 2011

meeting single men

This saturday is a Footloose party! Yippee! I get to meet all my friends as well as a lot of single men! Which is the reason to be a part of footloose. And even though I go to the Footloose events in the hope of finding, "The One'', being patient has got me something really important. FRIENDS! Today, some of my closest friends are people I met here. They walked in alone, met us as strangers, yet today, when I need help, these are the people I call. And much to my joy, they respond. So I must thank my lucky starts that one drunken night we started this group. Without it, my life would not have been filled with such fabulous people. People without whom I cannot imagine my life anymore.

So this weekend, I look forward to meeting more strangers and coming home with more friends. As for "The One"...he'll happen when it is meant to be :) Meanwhile, I'm off to shop...because I am Footloose!



  1. Waah.. Waah :)) Might I add to dat: Unke aane ka intezar tha hume.. Unke aane ka intezar tha hume.. Woh aaye na aayein.. Yaar bahut ban gaye.. Mehfil sajane ke liye! :)))
    Cheers! :))

  2. foot loose and fancyfree
    dats a nice way to meet
    no strings attached .

  3. As long as we all know that we hope strings will get attached eventually!