Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to fall in love - A user's guide

Of all the stories in the world, love stories are my favourite. They make me smile, laugh out loud, get misty eyed and I carry them with me at all times. They give me hope, joy and a lot of peace. Yes! I am one of those annoying women who love a happy ending. But even if there isn't one of those, I love the journey. I want to hear every love story ever told, look at wedding albums even if I don't know the people and I want to make people fall in love! Yes! I am one of those annoying women.

I have been in love constantly in life myself - with men, plants, books..as long as I am in love, I'm happy. But it wasn't always like this. I had my share of unhappy endings. I was miserable and scared to do it again. Until I met Prashant (he introduces himself as my "bitter half", my "victim", but that's another story. And I did fall in love with his sense of humour!)

I had started Footloose No More because I wanted to get married - or at least fall in love again - or meet someone I liked - and then I would see what happened. But, I now admit it - I was not really committed to it. I met people but never took it further. Or I avoided meeting people altogether. It was so much easier to stay in my comfort zone while pretending to be making an effort! And, as I told myself, had I not started Footloose No More? Wasn't that effort made? So I never ventured out. It was too much effort. It was easier to do coffee with Ritu, dinner with Gayatri, walk with Shehnaz, and go out in the evening with my usual bunch of friends, all of whom I had known all my life, most of whom lived within a 2 km radius of me and made me feel good about myself! I was a fulfilled and complete person. And that's the truth. I also secretly wanted to experience the rush of love, and that too is the truth!

Then I met Prashant. He wanted to meet, go out, have coffee, dinner, get to know each other....whew! That sounded like a lot of hard work. And for once, I decided to do it. I did all of the above. And that is when realisation dawned! Falling in love, finding someone to be in love with was work! It was a bloody process. You had to step out and meet people. You had to forgo that prior commitment to long standing friends, get out of office and keep yourself free to explore! Because sitting at home was getting me nothing!

I'm glad I made the effort because I did find that feeling again! I was complete then and I'm complete now. And I had no reason to worry or fear the unknown. Because I step out into the unknown everyday! I don't know what any day will bring. But I don't fear it. And I am still the same girl I was. Romance, love, marriage, kids - they didn't change me (apart from turning me into the woman who likes to give gyan, but bear with me). If anything, it's given me more strength!

I have no idea of what life holds for me in the future (there's the great unknown again) but I've learned to enjoy the excitement of it!

As for my friends, they are still around. I still do the coffee, dinner, walk and party, sometimes with husband in tow and sometimes without! And no matter what happens i life, I'm glad I did it. The effort is worth it just for the stories I now tell. Trust me and go try it!