Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How to get married quickly - the fail safe way

I have written reams about this (you can look at my earlier posts), and yet, I get new fodder for this thought on a regular basis. A lot of it is from personal experiences and a lot from being an eavesdropper. I am also unofficial agony aunt to a lot of single people, men and women! And one thing I hear regularly is, "Please introduce me to a nice guy/girl." This is from people genuinely looking to get married so I know that the intentions are "honourable." And I do introduce them to people regularly - it's my job you see.

The one thing I have noticed regularly is that no one wants to put in the effort. This is the day and age of instant gratification and we want this in our relationships too. But how are you going to have a relationship with anyone? Asking is great, but how does anyone know what kind of person you would vibe with? Chances are, even you don't know. And if it is age, income and community that floats your boat, then arranged marriage is the only sure shot way. Parents know us best. They have put up with our nonsense forever. So if it's instant "correct" connection you want, then this is the route to go. But if you want to fall in love - ah! That is something else altogether. And you need to work for it. Trust me, the fruit will be well worth it - the walking on air, the smiling when his/her name crops up and a general feeling of "all's well with the world." This is something worth putting yourself out there for.

So to all those in search of love, like, and relationships, do it yourself! That is the only way to find your soul mate. Get out there, meet people and explore their minds. Don't shy away from that coffee, or lunch or breakfast, trek, travel, being online - just meet meet meet! And be patient because someone may introduce you to a lot of people, but you will have to work at getting to know them.

And remember, no one really knows you well enough to pick the perfect partner for you. That is your job. So quit being in a hurry and enjoy the scenic route. Trust me, I've been there, it is worth it just for the stories you can tell.

And when you meet someone you like, go for it. Stop waiting to see what else is out there. But remember to stay safe! And remind yourself, that you cannot ask someone to "find you someone to love!"

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