Monday, 15 April 2013

You're not worth it!

I'm back with my rants so be prepared and don't say I didn't warn you!

You're not worth it! Really! As k anyone. If you are single, attractive, intelligent, successful or if you are single, normal, don't look like Brad Pitt (I don't particularly care for his looks) or Angelina Jolie (ditto), in a normal job, from a normal family blah are not worth it!

This began yesterday at my gym. Scenario - me on treadmill (get lost you 5 kilos), hot guy (read super model) on next treadmill, hot chick (read super model) on treadmill next to him! Rest of the gym filled with normal people. Everyone's relationship status unknown!

The men in the gym had eyes for the model type girl who had eyes only for the model type boy, who had eyes only for himself in the mirror. The model type girl opened her hair, flicked it about, pouted in the mirror and tried to strike up a conversation (it was hilarious) and still got ignored. Finally she went back to her work out and everyone else went back to staring at her/him, depending on their preference.The thing I noticed here was that here was a man who clearly loved himself, and everyone else was willing to love him!

The fact is that all the other mere mortals in the gym were attractive and since I know some of them, totally worth knowing. But here's the bitter fact - no one wants to know a normal person! Either you have to look like a super model or you'll be deemed "not worth it!" If you can't be a supermodel, be whacko! Be a stark raving lunatic. Be unpredictable, unavailable, unbelievable and insane! If you can't manage this, "you're not worth it!"

Either way, love yourself - and that is the soundest advice anyone can give us. If you have eyes only for yourself, you will do everything to make yourself appealing, whether it's getting a new hair cut or getting that killer body, or achieving whatever turns you on! And if you are a self obsessed lunatic, even better. Be self absorbed, do things for yourself, do things that make you happy! Either way, self love will lead you to self improvement, and as we know from experience - the world loves you for it!

And the truth is that we need to love ourselves! Being selfless is great, but once in a while be selfish. Look after yourself, because how can anyone else love us if we don't lead by example!

So love yourself, better yet, like yourself, pamper yourself, make yourself worth falling in love with! Look in that mirror and smile! And always wear sunscreen - protect yourself!


  1. Love this one Varsha... Loving ourselves is one of the most important things in life before we ask someone else to love us... :-)

  2. It ALWAYS starts with me. :) Any positive change I want on the outside has to begin from within.

    Nice post