Monday, 1 April 2013

Love to love you baby!

Romantic films are the most popular - as are love stories in any form. "The world loves a lover," and all that jazz, "love makes the world go around"! And i case you are wondering if I've lost my mind, you are right!

You see, I am a great believer in love and companionship, whatever form it comes in, including lust and plain attraction! I spend my days encouraging people to give it a try, to let down the walls and to "get on with it." I write long mails, give gyan and generally dole out unsolicited advice! My heart breaks when a couple breaks up. But I am most upset when society and our moral keepers force us to hide it!

Yesterday I went for a walk in a park with my husband. It was a beautiful evening and we looked forward to some time together. At the entrance was a sign threatening to report to the police, anyone indulging in display of affection! Despite being a great believer in PDA, I let go of his hand!

We entered the park and were greeted with hundreds of couples (I exaggerate, of course), sitting behind bushes, using trees as shields, to steal some time together! They were mostly young and clearly in like, love, lust or just having an attack of hormones! We walked (go away you) ugly fat), and after a point began to feel like intruders in to this world that these young people had created for themselves! The feeling of togetherness was so strong that we went back to holding hands. It was the most beautiful evening of my life, surrounded by so many couples exploring their feelings (ok! Some were exploring anatomies, but hey! That's normal)!

After some time, the guards came in and began to chase them away! And this, to people who had done nothing wrong! They were doing exactly what each one of us does and this includes the police they would be reported to! They were exploring love!

We all agree that it is beautiful! Love makes you happy and walk on air (maybe not! That is reserved for Baba Ramdev and I'm sure he'll do it soon! I live in hope!) Then why do we force people to hide it? Worse still, we force ourselves to hide it! Flaunt it, I say! Let the world know that you are happy! Do exactly as you please and enjoy it! Don't be afraid, don't worry, don't plan and most certainly don't try to look into the future!

The couples I saw yesterday - some will split up tomorrow, some will go on to be together for life and bring their kids to the park, there will be laughter and tears and heart break, but in this moment in time, they have joy that is enviable!

Let's not frown at love! Let's encourage it, in others - but above all, let's encourage ourselves! It is to be celebrated!

Meanwhile, if you try to maoralize about love - I'm calling the cops on you!

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