Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How dare you fall in love!

I heard an interesting conversation last week. I know I eavesdropped and need a rap on the knuckles (bad girl!), but it was about my favourite subject , relationships, so naturally I couldn’t help it! The conversation was between a couple, in their late thirties, talking about a friend. It seems, the friend, in his late forties, had recently fallen for someone! The object of affection was nearly fifty. And the couple discussing this clearly found it shocking and funny at the same time! They found love at this age ridiculous!

I wanted to butt into the conversation and point out that they were headed towards that age pretty fast. And God forbid, if something happened to one of them, would they want the other to live a loveless life? A life with no hope! A life where the heart was no longer allowed to skip a beat! It was like they wanted this couple to collect their hair colour and anti aging creams and roll over and die!

My mother has her own point of view on this. Well into her sixties, she is a giggler! She giggles, blushes and her general demeanour is of a young girl! We insist that we are bringing her up! Ditto my dad! According to her, the mind knows it has grown old – the body reminds it constantly! But the heart, the part of us that falls in love, has no idea! It does what it has done all it’s life! It loves! And how does one tell the heart that after an age, it is only supposed to love children, grand children, friends and what have you! That any other kind of love is no longer available to it!

My heart broke at the thought of this couple who were being ridiculed! How dare anyone say only men and women between the ages of, say, 25 and 35 are allowed to look for love or relationships! How dare anyone put a retirement age on love! How dare anyone ridicule another person’s heart!
I know a lady who met and married her husband when they were both in their sixties and they are blissfully happy! And why shouldn’t they be? In the golden years of your life, when the kids have flown the nest and you are left alone is when you need love the most! And that is when you have the time to concentrate on it and make it work. And you need it when you are in your fifties when your body slows down. You still need someone to tell you that it’s ok! And you need it in your forties when you have come into your own finally and the other person knows exactly what he/she is getting into! 

Let no one tell you that yesterday when you were 35. You still had a chance, but today, on your 36th birthday it’s over for you! So go forth and look for love and may you find it!


  1. 'forth' that word of the month????
    right! you don't take anyone's permission for doing that...and heck...any time in your life. :)

  2. Completely agree to you varsha. It's absolutely ridiculous to expect the love entry only in the young age... Again who has the right to decide what n when one stays young or get old???
    I personally find it too stressing when ppl try to bind two absolutely boundry less elements, mind n emotions into culture, norms n customs.... Hoping that one day the society will mature enough to treat humans as well as emotions with dignity.

  3. thats right...
    to stand for your love, you should have a lot of courage

  4. Touching words Varsha and very correctly you have said - there is no retirement age for love. Each throbbing heart needs love, that pat on the back which says 'its okay'. Someone just near us. The couple who was saying ridiculous words probably didn't know how it is like being single - either by choice or otherwise....

    Its all in mind. Even though body ages, love in the mind can always keep it young.

  5. Age has nothing at all to do with true love ! I feel like I have now started loving and living life and feel liberated !!
    We all want someone to love and the sweetest are those who age but never give up on love. In fact with age we mature and love takes on a new dimension. it is much deeper and understanding.

  6. Totally... Love is ageless. Our society like to repress and enjoys sadism. Just ignore the fools.