Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What Women Want...

I'm a woman and I know what women want! Or so you'd think. But the truth is that I have no idea!

Since I run Footloose No More, I speak to men and women on a daily basis. And I've noticed that women have a long and confusing list of the things they want from men! Every list is almost identical, which certainly ends our belief that each one of us is different! However, here is the list! Go ahead and add to it!

Women want respect! And we deserve it. We work hard, we run the home, look after our kids and give birth to you! Kindly respect us! We are daughters, sisters, mothers and people, not play things or notches on a bed post!

Women want to be heard! When we are speaking, do not check out our anatomy! We have eyes - look into them because these eyes can see what you are looking at! Hear us with your ears and eyes!

Women want to smile! We say we want a man with a sense of humour and love it when you make us laugh! But the truth is, we are happier when you make us smile! So do little things. Great expense is not mandatory for this!

Women want affection! Yes! That's it. Just affection!Give us enough affection and we'll go to the ends of the world for you. Go ahead! Try it!

Women want attention! Yes we do! Give us your undivided attention. We know you are in the dating game, but when you are pursuing us, pursue one at a time. A man who copy pastes the same message to 6 different girls is going to lose out on all of them! We talk so be aware. Also, when you are with us, do not check out our competition! We may pretend to be cool and point out other women to you, but in fact, we hate it! We compare ourselves to other women constantly and are fiercely  competitive. So please keep your women watching for your evening out with the boys.

Women want to be women! Do not treat us like your male buddies even if that is who we are. Please treat us like girls! Do not back slap and make fun of us in public or we will forget we are ladies!

This is the easy stuff and you should be able to do it! So go forth and try it out. Remember to dress clean and smell nice and don't forget your manners at home!


  1. Raving and ranting is fine - do not use abusive words for someone else in front of us. It simply means you are abusing us because we are getting to hear it.

    Have passion - we know the difference between having passion and faking it.

    Do not speak to us about your ex with us all the time or compare us with them. We are two different entities and we do not like listening to you talk about them all the time. (actually, goes for men and women alike). Do not compare us to your mom either.

    Get your attention right. We are sensual and it is not just certain specific two points in our body that we get turned on by. Try a great conversation for a change.

    Be who you are and not project someone you are not. We will find out anyway.

  2. You missed out 2 major points:

    1. Fun
    2. Financial security / stability


  3. Hah NK...that too.
    In this day and age number 2 may not be that applicable. Its more like Fun and Emotional Stability and Emotional dependability.

  4. Women want to be loved,cuddled....they want to be hugged(at the cost of sounding cliche yes they dont mind their world being in just their man's arms).....

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