Monday, 29 April 2013

Boy Meets Girl!

This one is the story of Sandy and Atul - in Sandy's words :) My favourite one, for sure!

Perhaps, when one loves another person, one must set aside the fears of worrying over what can go wrong and have faith enough about what can go right. I met Atul at a point in my life when I really didn’t have much faith. When I look back to why one man began to mean so much to me, it was because that love was being nurtured by a great deal of acceptance and coursing through roads without worrying what lay ahead.

Sometimes, love comes to you like that. Like a short stop-over at a strange place and then, you meet someone and decide to walk together. Atul and I did a lot of that. Our decision to marry each other did not come out of the blue one fine day. We saw a lot of each other, the real each other. Ours was a slow, lingering journey and we have savoured every bit of it.

If we ever wish for our life to be better, we have to accept that there will be changes. There will be chances. Most importantly, there will be choices. We are worlds apart as people. If I walk into a party, I am the noisy one. He is probably the one who will watch, observe and eventually strike up a conversation. He is my still water. I am the eternal churn beneath, restless, full of energy. He is as grounded as they come and I want everything out of life. Everything. I wanted Atul. I knew I couldn’t have him.

Our journey together did not have a destination when it began. It was just one of those ‘let’s make the most of our time together and savour our here and now instead of worrying about the future. That kind of saved us eventually I guess. We did not dream together when we met. Our conversations were more about each other, about what we saw, what we observed, how we felt, what we listened to, what we smelled and what we savoured within the time we had with each other. No, we were not worrying…we were living our ‘here and now’ and getting to explore who the real ‘Atul’ was and who the real ‘Sandhya’ was.

When he insisted on calling me ‘Sandhya’, it was like he was addressing a stranger. I had had so many layers of everything else on me, so many names, that I had forgotten the sound of my own name. In little doses, over the past year, he dug out a long-buried child that was hiding inside me. I am a child again. I am not afraid of being hopeful, of being happy, of being joyous. I am truly me again.

Love. Love can do that to you. Yes, you too! Be excited about what can go right and it will pull all that is positive to you. Eventually, I had him. And he? Oh! He had me with that first ‘hello’. For a while, he just didn’t know.
Picture of Sandhya and Atul courtesy Samar Khan.


  1. ...I hope it gives hope to many who step into that unknown uncertain territory of having to allow someone to look into your soul.

    1. I hope God gives us all that courage as and when that special someone arrives! All the best to U both! Very happy and may your journey ahead be even more wonderful together :)

  2. Congratulations Sandy and Atul... :-)

  3. Congrats..... 2 both of u..... Best for the future.....

  4. Beautifully written. congrats to both of you and may you continue to build your bond from strength to strength.

  5. Very nicely written. All the best guys.


  6. Shilpa, Mit, Alyona, George, Pushee - thank you!

  7. I am so happy for u dear Sandy. You have made my day. Nothing could give me more joy than reading this. God bless you both.

  8. This is so beautiful! U give rise to hope in my heart. :)

  9. The love story that has amazed me as it has crossed all boundaries ! This must be true love. Yes we keep worrying what could go wrong but I am sure you two were just so positive and that love just won in the end ! Wish you both loads of happiness and love and that companionship !
    Atul you are a real sensitive guy and Sandy who I knew so long ago at FLNM, a beautiful person ! Love you guys !

  10. Thank you Alpana - love you!
    Punam - Believe!
    Monica - Sweetheart, big hugs! Thank you!

  11. Straight from the heart. Very well-written.
    Cheers, Sandhya and Atul.

  12. Love can struck anytime...way to go Sandy & Atul...God Bless u both..hav a blessed life...Cheers...