Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The big cliche!!!

Someone wrote to me this morning that I write such "cliched" posts. And wonder of wonders, I'm not in complete disagreement, because what new perspective can someone bring to the age old problem of relationships? Everyone in the world, for thousands of years has "been there done that." And everything we read (or I write) has been said a million times before. All of us also know it deep in our hearts. Everyone has read "He's not that into you", "what smart women know," "why men marry bitches" and "the secret". We know how to make everyone fall in love with you, who moved our cheese, why the monk sold his Ferrari and the 7 habits of highly effective people. I myself have read almost every self help book ever written and this genre continues to be popular the world over.

When I was reading these books, I knew that they were saying nothing new. All this stuff I was spending money to find out, I already knew! But at that point in life, when the chips are down, your friends are bored of advising you and you don't know whom to turn to, these cliches are a source of strength! Trust me - it's been tried and tested. When you are in a good, fulfilled place in your life, or have turned into a complete cynic, they sound terrible. But when you are down...

It's like going to a shrink, or a tarot card reader. You already know all that is being said to you, but you still need to know that you are not wrong. Do we really need a tarot card reader or astrologer or a book to tell us that a relationship is doomed, or that we need to move on in our job, or must marry this person? NO! We know that already...the questions are just to reassure ourselves that we are not wrong.

A cliche is a cliche because it is true and has been used umpteen times - and works. So when life is going on a path you didn't plan, or want, go ahead and read up! And when things work out, go ahead and laugh! But if even one person manages to find strength in a cliche, I promise to write them for the rest of my life - because I survived on them in the dark phases of my life!

Now go, make that wish, ask the universe, talk to angels, consult those cards, go on a pilgrimage and read the self help books, and survive! An d move on and find happiness!


  1. huh? that dint even make any sense ! and go ahead dont publish this comment too ...afraid much?

    1. Dear Mohit, I have no idea of what your grouse is, but it is a free world and you are welcome to like, dislike or even ignore what I write. And why would I be afraid? Unless this is a veiled threat in any form.

  2. I exactly understand what you mean.
    Well written blog.
    On a different topic all together, i feel that whenever i write my blog, its more Therapeutic than any other self help book or a professional shrink.
    Comments ?

  3. You are right Milind! A lot of times my head clears up as I write :) So the blog is as much for myself!