Monday, 8 August 2011

Crazy little thing called love!

I run footloose no more...which means I am honorary agony aunt to people about love and relationships! And I get to hear stuff that makes my toes curl. However, one thing I hear constantly, "I am afraid to fall in love." I also hear many versions of this, "I've had my heart broken before,"..."it's not worth it"..."what if it's not reciprocated"...and of course, my favourite, "all men are bastards, all women are bitches."

Fact is, LOVE is everyone's favourite four letter word. Yes! That is what we have turned it into. Why do we put so much pressure on love? Why does this feeling have a job to do? Why do we expect so much out of it? Because we have grown up on romance novels, movies and a heavy dose of Sex and The City and How I met your mother. We think that's love...all consuming, inconvenient and all pervading. While all it is, is a feeling...sublime...

What we see in these films or read in books is romance. And there is a huge difference between romance and love. Romance can be with absolutely anything. If someone sends you flowers, cooks for you, does innumerable things that make you feel good, you are being romanced...well and proper! However, will that translate to love? Being together? Sharing joys, pains, silences? Who knows? In my experience, that which leaves you breathless is momentary. No one, not even the heroes of these romances can sustain the romance. The story always ends with, "and they lived happily ever after"...if it were to carry on, it would be, "paying their emi, fighting often, ignoring each other from time to time, and doing their daily chores together. And that is the reality of LOVE! So take the pressure off yourself and let things take their course.

As for your heart skipping a beat, losing your appetite, feeling breathless, not being able to concentrate, day dreaming...these are symptoms of a heart condition...please don't mistake them for love and get yourself a check up!


  1. he he I have all the symptoms !
    But I am looking for love also without the frills !

  2. love is all of that... the feeling.. it cld be at first sight when u hv butterflies in your stomach to after years of friendship when u realise what more cld love be. sex and romance is a PART of love, it isnt necessary that love remains for ever, hu says so, love cld b short lived as the relationship mayb. but doesnt mean its not love ! as long as its Pure and genuine its love. this is my view.