Thursday, 4 August 2011

To all the girls I've loved before...

One of my favourite songs by Julio Eglesias! Except I'm talking about all the girls I have ever loved and the ones I will love when I meet them...the ones who met me and stayed...the ones who fell out along the way...the ones who loved me...and the ones who didn't. You have all made me stronger, smarter, more observant, understanding!!! Yes! This is an ode to my girl friends! You are all precious to me.

I am one of those rare women who take great pride in saying that most of my close friends are women. Don't get me wrong...I love men! Can't imagine my life without them...but the girls! Ah! They are amazing. I have friendships with women that are as old as me (nope! no age revelations here...after all I am a girl)...and these women are fabulous. I was a brat, sometimes insufferable but they stayed. We hugged each other through our first crushes, break ups, shopping sprees, getting grounded by parents and grew up together. They know me more than anyone ever will.

I grew up and became more cautious. To the teenager I was, girls were competition. They were my frenemies and each girl was looked at with suspicion. If I got a compliment, it meant she wanted me to look bad so she could win. But when the chips fell, these same frenemies stood by me more than any man could.

I learned to ignore their little idiocyncracies the way they had ignored mine...learned to love these women who have been my source of strength.

Today, as I grow older, I collect more and more women into my life, for I know that with them around, I am going to be safe and loved.

My girl friends...I salute you! As my friend Sharmistha says, "men come and go, but girl friends are forever."

Pic 1 - Monisha Bhargava
Pic 2 - Sharmishtha Mitra and Deepika Deshpande - because that is who you will always be to me!


  1. darling, seeing you sentimental at last! Totally buy 'girls are best' theory... I too warmed up to girls in my 30's... and the tribe is growing... its just that the ratio is inversing ;)

  2. Loved ur last line "men come and go, but girl friends are forever." So very true !!!!

  3. Loved ur last line "men come and go, but girl friends are forever." So very true !!!!

  4. Totally love you!!! It has been one heck of a broomy ride since January!!! :) Big Big Hugs!