Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Men want just one thing!

Yes! We hear this all the time! And it’s true… just that the one thing differs! Men want no strings attached fun! That’s their thing! Women want “the ring”… that’s theirs. And before everyone goes up in arms and puts out a contract on my head, let me explain…
This is everyone’s favourite subject. And it’s always a complaint. Fact is, men and women want only one thing… and we may not accept it but it is the same thing! The difference is that men come from a place of no commitments till I’m sure! While for women, it’s commitment until I’m sure it’s not what I want. That’s how simple it is.
No one really wants to be single forever… not unless their secret ambition is to be aging playboys and party girls! So we might as well accept that to begin with. There will come a day when we will wish for someone who has all the time in the world for us. So then, the next thing is natural… let’s not judge people by what they say in the first meeting. No one really bares their heart on a 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd date. So why take it so seriously?
And here’s my truth (and all women will agree with me. Let’s see if the men understand) … yes I want “the ring”, the “m” word, the stability, the children who don’t listen to me and above all the man who drives me mad! But I don’t want all of this with every man I meet. If I say it to the men, they don’t need to run away for fear that I’m going to try to trap them into my dream of domesticity. Chances are, I’m not going to want it with most of the men at all (and that’s how we become great friends/buddies)… when I meet the man, I will know and hopefully he will want the same thing. Until then guys, you are all safe… from all the girls… so stop trying to chase us away by telling how you want only “one thing”. Because once you’ve closed your mind and chased us away… you’ll all just be spending your life in a world full of your guy friends who also want the same thing… just not from you J


  1. Great observations, very lucidly written!

  2. This post also give a hint to the Guys that by behaving like a Prospective Husband, you may have a chance to get laid. Re-edit if possible.

  3. priyanka sehgal16 May 2012 at 08:00

    Varsha very well written!

  4. Nice Varsha and Thanks For reminding ........

  5. Varsha, while you are correct, men do want that one thing. You also have to realize that men once they find that one girl will change their ways. There is always something that gets between the time that it takes for men to move on from the one thing to the ONE and that's...Patience (by both parties involved)

  6. Well-said, Varsha. Made me think.