Monday, 1 August 2011


The weekend is over! And I'm still reeling from it! What a party! Awesome Footloose! The party was amazing. Wines from Chateau d'Ori flowed...Cafe Goa gave great service...the guests sparkled! Yes! They were the stars of the evening!

I am elated and humbled to see how many people have faith in something that Abhishek and I started on a lark. And to see that today it has become a movement with so many amazing people with us is quite a feeling. It leaves me speechless.

I go to the events each time with hope. And it never lets me down. I walk in, people start coming in! Quiet people, chatty people, the bold and the outgoing and the shy who need hand holding. By the end of the evening all I need to do is stand back and watch as people find their groove, their people, form relationships and exchange numbers. And everyone goes away with a smile on their faces.

What happens to these relationships, only the future will decide. But hats off to the ones who take charge of their lives and decide to take that chance. I salute your spirit Footloose!

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  1. Cheers to the team .... keep the spirits high.