Friday, 29 July 2011

It's a woman's job!

In Hindu mythology, whenever a sage, king or god became very powerful, a woman, (usually Menaka) was sent to seduce and distract him! He opened his eyes, saw her beauty, lost focus and forgot what he was doing.

In modern times, along came Hina - the beauty from across the border. One look at her beautiful face, the dupatta over her head and the film star sun glasses and a whole nation has forgotten the real purpose for her visit.

Suddenly we find Hina trending. Birkin uses the opportunity to popularise it's luxury bag. The press talks about her fashion and the common man send out forwards about "sleeping with the enemy". (The words are not mine) and the bilateral talks lie forgotten.

I would say the little nymph has already done the job beautifully. While we have shamelessly turned a woman who is probably intelligent and capable to be holding that job into a sex object.

Well done India!

Meanwhile I look forward to many Menaka's and sages forming long, interesting and filled with respect relationships tomorrow at footloose!

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