Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Let the good times roll!

I'm back! From the sunny beaches of Goa! Well, occasionally sunny, given that we are in the middle of monsoons...and trying to get back to real life! It's amazing how we forget that a world exists outside of our holidays. Even though Goa was crowded, had traffic jams and truly badly behaved people!

All of Mumbai had descended upon the beaches along with the rest of the world. But here's my question...people who normally are well behaved, turn into monsters the moment they set foot in this heaven on earth. Why do people think that Goa is no fun unless you walk down the street with drinks in your hand, litter the roads, talk loudly, get aggressive and eve tease...or adam tease as the case may be! What are we turning Goa, or all other holiday spots into?

And the most amazing thing is, that in a place full of all nationalities, the only people who misbehave are my own countrymen! Saw men being beaten for behaving badly with women...they were our braiding women complaining about the Indians, life guards begging people to get out of the water since it was unsafe. The only people in the water were our folk again!

It's amazing, when we go to another country, where we know we will be punished severely for this behaviour, we behave ourselves...but here, in our own home, we turn into monsters and barbarians. Is this what happens to us with freedom?

Perhaps it's true...alcohol, dancing, holidays, swimsuits are not part of our culture! Our culture seems to be spitting, defecating on the roads, rape, pillage and plunder! Maybe we do have the nation we have created!

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