Friday, 19 August 2011

Where's the choice?

Here’s another one from Footloose!
While we run a contest, Deesh told his story of how he ended up bonding with men! And great friendships were formed. Needless to say, everyone commented. One of the comments was from a man who said, “what do we do? There are too many choices here!”
And here’s my point! Yes there are choices. Lots of them…but how long does one wait? It’s human nature…Greed…lots of it! And that’s what I see each time. Men and women who join the group specifically because they would like to be in a relationship, preferably married, soon get greedy and eventually confused.
They come…shy and firmly believing that no one will want to speak to them, find really friendly people and proceed to ask each other out! They even get along with each other, and then IT kicks in! Everyone waits to see whom they will meet at the next event. They do meet someone, since the world is full of lovely people, and the whole exercise happens again, and again, and then again at the next event.  When will it stop? When will we say enough! I’m done looking! Because the process can be unending…until the only choice left is to be living with a dog or a cat.  I’ve decided to stop waiting for more choices.
As the line goes in The Little Prince, “There are many roses in the world! But mine is the most beautiful…because it is mine!”

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