Monday, 22 August 2011

Mridula Says...

To quote Mridula Singh, who is inspiring me totally!

"Honestly whats wrong people, or shuld I say freeple...such jolly, with huge sense of humor and gr8 guys and girls here(and dont go by the profile pix, come and check out and see hw gud looking and presentable they are, I have seen them at two parties)...and yet...its different for age group aint here...but u younger lot....whats wrong...go get I say..."

Really! It's amazing! So many perfectly great people under one roof and we manage to dodge each other. Just because we are too busy living with our pre conceived notions and judging each other.

Whenever we ask people, "what kind of person do you see yourself with", we get a long list of dos and don'ts. And we try to find someone who fits that bill...checks all the boxes! While fact is, that the most interesting people are those who don't fit the bill...take us by surprise...are not our type! Those are some of our most interesting relationships.

Take the case of Dali and Abhishek. Dali's friend from college, is married to Bhishek's school friend. She knew both of them, yet never introduced them because she knew the boxes they wanted ticked. You see, she felt that Abi and Dali were not each other's type! Yet, they met on Footloose and the rest is history!

I'm not just telling you the oft repeated story! I'm saying that they gave each other a chance. They said what have I got to lose? It's just an evening out of my life! And here they are!

The people I have had relationships with never ticked a single box on my list...yet they were the most fun I have ever had. Finally one day, I tore up the list and threw it away! And now, it's a blank slate. I will make up that list with the attributes of the man I like! I'll give it all one shot! After all, it's just one evening of my life!


  1. strangely enuff my friend bhavna thaku feels i have no type ... a body without any blood type ...i agree one must give chance top all ... that fits in your basic criteria at least ... stable sensible and presentable .... baki hostory banti hai ya memory kya pata ...

  2. Clap Clap Clap Clap !

    I;ll admit - Abhishek didnt fit into all the boxes that I used to call "my type"
    But once we connected, he got into my life SO MANY BOXES that I;d forgotten to think about !
    Gals - we all have our boxes. But once you feel you have found something good - do not discard him..discard your list.

  3. thats is so nice, yes true woner why we dont give each other a chance at least