Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Breaking my resolve!

I had sworn I wasn't going to comment on Anna Hazare! I wasn't! Everyone has something to say on the matter. Everyone is right and everyone is passionate. One more opinion, one more blog was going to make no difference. But comments on my status on facebook made me react.

My maid's 10 yr old son, wants to fast in support of Anna! People have said a lot about this. It is entirely possible that he is getting swept away by the wave. It is also possible that he has seen his parents bribing to get a gas connection, electricity, water, and to builders, cops and general what have you to let their chanty exist. And he has reacted.

As the debate rages around me, I am glad to see people reacting. We come from a country where corruption is such a part of our lives that we don't even think of it as incorrect. We brush it under the carpet, and anything that can't be brushed under the carpet, instantly becomes part of the furniture.

The campaign will go where it will, we will perhaps still live in a nation where some have millions and millions don't even have some. But hats off to Anna Hazare for having evoked reactions. After a long time we see a distinct lack of apathy and that in itself is a revolution!

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  1. Hats off to him for sure. Thanks to him that today it feels good to know that we as a people are alive. Nice piece :)