Monday, 29 August 2011

Bouncing off the walls!

Yes I am! Bouncing off the walls! Usually I don't need a reason to do this, but today I have one! And it is the indomitable spirit of our feeple! It's amazing how many turned up for the Footloose No More Anniversary celebrations, braving the rains, dressed to kill and ready to party! This spirit never ceases to amaze me!

People of all kinds turn up from all over the place...some in search of companionship, some for love, relationships, friends and some in search of self! I don't know what each journey is like, but I do know that it takes courage to begin this journey and I salute all those who have travelled with us for 2 years! Hats off to the ones who made it possible!

Firstly - the feeple! What would we be without you! Seeing some of the old members who were there at the beginning return to celebrate was fabulous. I'm still warm and fuzzy. And our supporters - our friends who have never been allowed a peep into the Footloose lives and who we know are totally jealous of the Footloose life! We love it! Our detractors - we love them the most! The ones who called us desperate and said it would never work, Who expected sleaze and realized that it's fun, clean and happy! Eat your words guys! (Wait while I go off to bounce of the walls again :):):))

It started with a competition - lots participated and choosing the winners was tough. We thank Shaahid Amir Ankolkar, Cafe Goa, Rishi Zaveri, Holi and Chateau d'Ori!

All I can say is,"we get by with a little help from our friends." As one of our members said yesterday, "Even if you didn't find THE ONE, all of came away after an evening of fun with our lives a little richer and our phone books a little thicker." Take a bow feeple! This one is for you!

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