Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday!

It's that Sunday again...the one that happens once a month...after the Footloose party. I sit at my window, exhausetd, feet aching (i'm addicted to the highest heels possible) and a big smile on my face! And I rewind to my life excatly 25 months ago! Before Footloose happened to me!

I was happy! Had loads of friends and my world was complete. Evenings were spent having coffee with friends I'd known for years and weekends partying woth the same gang. What could be better? Then along came Footloose...and my world opened up!

Take last night...from the return of the prodigal child after trying matrimonial sites, matchmakers blah blah blah...she paid lots of money to everyone to meet single men! And then she realized that she had met most of them at Footloose already...and the ones she hadn't met, weren't worth meeting! To the hot girl who bought herself the solitaire because who the hell needs a man to buy you the shy girl who sits in the corner...the men who get tongue tied when they meet a girl or even forget to introduce themselves (i'm going to start calsses for you guys!) and the ones who think it is their duty to talk to everyone present. I thank you all for entering my life! You make it richer!

And of course, the owner of Mocha Juhu, Imtiaz! He rolled up his sleeves, got behind the bar and pitched in. He too is a member of the group and true Footloose spirit did his thing :)

I love the world I lived in then and it is still part of my life, but i love the world I live in is a warmer place! 

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  1. er.. The addiction to High Heels, aint quite an addiction.. its more a mandatory kind of thing.. like if you wanted more than the top of your hair to feature in any photograph.. because you know.. without them aforementioned heels, you would.. you know.. kind of dissap... like I mean.. sort of vanis.... you know.. pretty much be gaayab.. wot?