Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Are you safe?

A lot of times, we meet single men who seem interesting. But speak to them and you get a shock! These perfectly charming men, who have spent the evening chatting you up, come up with the winner! They sweetly inform us that they are looking not for anything serious but a fling.

Here’s my question to these men. Do you really feel women think you are cool after you say this? When was the last time a girl went out with you after you spoke like this? Did you really earn her respect?

Onto the girls! Very often when this happens, we go into hiding. We are embarrassed to admit that we met a creepy man and blame everything, the space, the venue, common friends blah blah...except the man! Here's my question. Why? Why do we not slap him? Why do we not bring it to anyone's notice? Why do we not name him? He has no respect for women and we are the ones feeling bad! A man does this and we go into hiding while the man walks around like it’s his right. So we give up our right to be out there (where we go to find your soul mate is immaterial) while the man whose name we have been too embarrassed to reveal is out there looking for the next girl he can say his “cool” line to! Really! 

Fact is that women will get propositioned because a lot of men think this makes them seem more interesting or are just plain sleazy. But when we withhold their names and don't tell anyone about it, we are in fact protecting them! We are jeopardizing the safety of a lot of women. And for that reason we must talk!

I don't say we should turn into Laxmibai and put ourselves at risk, but we must make use of the girl friend network. We must stand up for our own dignity. Because if we don't, no one will!

And to all those men out there who do respect women and treat us well (and I know a lot of these), I salute you!

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  1. You said it!!! More often than not, for sake of not appearing to be obtuse even, we do not complain. It is no wonder we have so many that take it all for granted that it's okay to behave like this!