Monday, 17 December 2012

The start of a new story!!!

From time to time, I get totally awed by the indomitable spirit of people! And yesterday was one of those times.

Having started 3 years ago in Bombay, now celebrating 7 marriages, countless friendships and a lot of unbreakable bonds, Footloose No More headed to Pune! People said cities other than Bombay may not be ready for it! (They had even said it when we launched in Bombay and we just listened to our hearts). It was the same story this time and once again hearts ruled over ears and advice and one fine day we decided to see if everyone was right! We believed in the human spirit and it's capacity to hunt down happiness and we were right! Not ready for what? Not ready to be happy? Not ready for companionship, friendship, marriage, a brunch? Of course Pune was ready, because a place is not a place without it's people. And people are the same everywhere!

So we turned up in Pune yesterday - 10 of us from Bombay, carrying along our beliefs, our thirst for adventure, for something new and our smiles and our favourites, Natasha and Kedar! And Pune smiled back and proved to us that it was indeed ready!

We sat at Terttulia, which we now love, and the first member, now known as friend arrived! And then they kept pouring in, all 76 of them. Tall, short, out going, shy, each one unique, each one special, each one willing to step forth into the unknown and see what lies beyond our self created walls!

In fact, I had the most interesting conversation with a lady, which is pretty much going to be my mantra! She was sitting in a corner, alone and quiet! And I marched in all guns blazing.

Me - "If you sit alone in a corner, you're never going to find what you're looking for."
She - "Oh! I'll find it. I'm tired from all the mingling so am just getting my second wind. Then I'm going to see if I missed speaking to any one."
Me - "You want to talk to everyone? Not just the ones in your age group or who look interesting?'
She - "Of course! It's party conversation, not a promise to marry! I'm here so let me talk to everyone. I'm just making friends. And who know, the dullest cover may hold the most interesting book!"

She smiled at me and vanished to talk to everyone! I had to smile too! That's the spirit! Who knows which cover has the most interesting book! That's a thought to live by!


  1. welcome to the capital of the peshwas!

  2. So good to read this Varsha !!! Lots Love , to you and all at Footloose !