Monday, 10 June 2013

He Said - She Said!

This one needs no preamble and deals simply with the miscommunications between Mars and Venus so let's jump into it!

He says-          Hi! I'm so and so!
He means -      Hi! I'm so and so!
She hears -      Hi! I think you are very attractive!
She reacts -     Raises eyebrows!

He says -        Shall we have a coffee sometime?
He means -     Shall we have a coffee sometime?
She hears -     We're dating!
She reacts -    Runs to shop with friends! OMG! What will I wear?

He says -       Check out that chick who just walked in!
He means -    If I involve you in this game, you won't think I'm checking out other chicks!
She hears -    I'm so comfortable with you that we can talk about anything!
She reacts -   Check out that chick! (If I join in, He'll think I'm cool and we'll walk into the sunset together! Thinks of names for kids!)

He says -       Lets' see where this goes!
He means -    Now she'll let me kiss her!
She hears -    We're in a relationship!
She reacts -   Plans the wedding!

He says -       I think you're damn attractive!
He means -    Can we jump into bed now?
She hears -    I'm in love!
She reacts -   Picks out the wedding china!

He says -      Let's go to my place and chill!
He means -   Let's jump into bed!
She hears -   I'd like you to see where you will live for the rest of your life!
She reacts -  Starts mentally redecorating his house.

He says -      You are great the way you are!
He means -    I won't be around long enough to want you to change anything1
She hears -   I love you for who you are!
She reacts -  Falls in love!

He says -      My ex was a cold fish!
He means -   Make it up to me by jumping in bed and showing me how hot you are!
She hears -   You are the one to help me get over it!
She reacts -  Jumps into bed to show him how hot she is! Plans the honeymoon!

These are just a few! Go ahead and add your own to them and take them in the spirit of fun, as they were written! Here's to reading between the lines!

And here are my own additions -

He says -     I love you!
He means -  I love you!
She hears -  I love you!
She reacts - Calls the wedding planner!

He says -      Marry me or what? or versions thereof!
He means -   Be my happily ever after!
She hears -   Marry me and be my happily ever after!
She reacts -  Giggles/ cries/ screams/ goes in to shock/ faints / dies!
She means -  Yes!
He thinks -    Yippeee! Now let's jump in to bed and celebrate!