Thursday, 6 June 2013

Laws of attraction!

Three days, three women, one story - that was my week.

All three girls went out with 3 different men on dates, but had the same story! A story about the difference in "laws of attraction" for men and women!

Here goes the story - they went out for dinner/coffee/movie and the evening ended in all cases with the men presuming that it would end in bed...or failing that...a kiss at least! Now these are women who are not morally challenged - they are not easy, but nor are they prudes. And all said that they probably eventually would have taken it further, except, after a first date, to have a man presume this was distasteful! The men seemed like normal nice guys and the Dr Jeykell and Mr Hyde act was surprising!

Fact is that no one is averse to anything, but to have someone expect it is frightening. And when a woman says no, it means no usually! Most of us are not into teasing! We just like to take our time over it and for most women, it is an emotional decision.

I know that men will argue that they have had these encounters before which ended in bed, and I have absolutely no reaction to it. Unfortunately for the men, it is usually the woman's choice to decide when she wants to take it further. And a woman needs to be comfortable doing it. She wants to know that she is taking it to the next level with a nice guy and that happens after a few meetings. She needs to know that the man is a gentleman and there is nothing gentlemanly about a man who insists, behaves like a child or begs for it.

We need to take our time over it and if it is a few dates, then so be it. And if the man is not patient enough to wait, then so be that too! We don't prove our love for you by jumping into bed withing a few hours of the first date. And we don't feel particularly attractive (even if you insist you can't resist us) when we are asked to do so! And the thing is, that most times these could be good relationships, except they got nipped in the bud because one party was in a hurry!

All women joke that "a gentleman is merely a patient wolf!" And we are ok with that because we enjoy the physical aspect of relationships as much. Just, please, let us be comfortable meeting the gentleman before we meet the wolf! And once we accept him, keep the wolf handy!

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