Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Real Reason Why People Remain Single.

The Real Reason Why People Remain Single.

Let’s be honest… Most people fail to find someone for themselves because they are not used to it.
That’s right. They simply have no idea how the relationship game works. It is an extremely volatile domain where people feel “bad” about this or that so fast… that it can make your head spin & egos get hurt at an unprecedented rate.

Because of this..most will try a few times and then give up and go back to not trying at all OR they will simply outsource this job to their parents.  After all, it’s easier to judge someone during a short arranged marriage meeting that to be judged yourself.

You don’t see the idea of finding someone for yourself a “priority”. It’s just one of those things that you want but don’t or can’t put much effort into. It is down on the “priority” ladder after work, family, friends, acquaintances & even NETFLIX.

You have got into a pattern in life which you find hard to break out of. The excuses to stay in this pattern come hard and fast and they all seem completely valid. But the end result is that the pattern continues.

You may be unpredictable. When someone calls you, one day you are pleasant and make plans and on others you are aloof.  This sends out mixed signals to people looking for a stable relationship.
You are still behaving the same way as you did when you were younger but with age, the rules of the game change whether we like it or not.

You meet people and maybe even go out with them but you don’t commit because you believe that there will always be “more”. Maybe this works in countries and cultures that are more open to relationships but here.. it may not always hold true. This is something that people discover as they go along in life.

You may feel that all the good ones are already taken.
Men will often tell you that when they were in a relationship, girls used to think they are great guys.. (the good ones).. but when they turned single.. they don't think the same way about them anymore.
This is because we see the "good ones" from the perspective of their partner.
So.. are all the good ones really taken? Probably not. You’re still out there..aren’t you? So don't give up and keep looking.

Your approach to “the checklist” is what the other person does not match instead of what he/she does match. This negative attitude may stop you from seeing the more positive aspects in a person. Ditch this approach and see what happens.

Your expectations from a relationship may be unrealistic. No relationship can be exciting forever. You must find the one who you can have a conversation with, share thoughts with, be open with, be brave with, be real with for a long- long time. If you can’t spend comfortable silences together… the rest will be much harder.

You are different from your parents. What they think might be a good match for you may be different from the kind of person you think is right for you.
This is normal because you are creating your own life and filling it with experiences that you enjoy. Your views are changing and you want someone just like you.
Don’t feel guilty about this. Find this someone “like you” unapologetically
NO ONE talks about this.. but it's true.

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