Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Just do it!

Here's are excerpts from mails I have received over the last few days  -

"I'm single. Ready to mingle. Can you find me someone? I'd really like to be married."

My first reaction was to shoot a mail back saying, "Of course! I'll line up a million people for you! Then you can choose because you're the coolest."

Option two - "Am I your mother?"

Mail two - "If I join your site / come to an event and don't like anyone, will you give me a refund?"

Wish I could respond with -

"Of course! In fact, if you like someone and end up married, but it doesn't work out, I will also give you an exchange offer because you know, we're only taking about people! I suggest you test drive them before you make a payment!"

Option two - "Of course! As long as you can give me a guarantee that you are perfect and everyone will be clamouring to be with you."

Needless to say, I wrote back politely offering no refunds or exchanges but plenty of advice!

And it made me wonder, why do we talk so much drivel? I understand that being single is tough. You're lost at sea and have no idea of where to find someone. Or even if you do, will things work out?

So here's a bit of gyan! Get out of your own way and see what you can accomplish. If you just sit at home, join up dating / matrimonial platforms endlessly, but do nothing, how the hell are you going to find someone? By shooting off mails to people?

If you are OK with a rank stranger looking for someone for you, the game is not for you. Accept it and move on. Talk to your family and let them do the job.

But if love be what you are looking for, then be prepared to work for it. And I do mean work! Log in to the sites you have joined. Respond to messages and actually step out and meet the people! Take your apprehensions along but don't let them hold you back.

For those who say, "I don't know what kind of people will be there", if you don't meet, you'll never know. Because I don't know the last time someone walked into your house to meet and convince you that they would look after you and be little boy / girl scouts! I don't know the last time anyone did the same thing they did all their lives and got something new. You have to JUST DO IT!

You are an adult, believe it! You will know when you are in danger, unless you stop listening to your gut. And you do know all about "meet in a public place", "tell someone where you are and with whom", "do not get in to that car", do not get in to a financial transaction or give in to requests for money or fall for sob stories" because that's not what dates are for. And above all, don't expect to have someone fall in love with you on the first date. For that experience, watch DDLJ!

So what are you going to do about being single? Write me or someone else a mail?

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