Monday, 14 January 2019

All you need to know about social media security

Another day, another conversation, another observation...

I was speaking to a girl who was very worried about the security of her social media accounts. She raved and ranted and said she didn't want anyone to see anything about her on social media. I couldn't understand it. She had accounts everywhere. She was on Facebook, Twitter, her pictures were all over Instagram, her work profile was on LinkedIn, she blogged, reviewed restaurants and wanted it all to be secret!

Which got me thinking - you want anonymity? Why have an account? Everywhere? Why put up public posts? Why blog, put up reviews or work information? Why put personal opinions on LinkedIn and pictures on Insta?

In this day & age of the internet, how much anonymity can we expect? And I'm no expert. I'm a normal girl with limited, if any knowledge. And yet I can see it.

I know someone who was paranoid about his personal information and security. He had no social media account. Yet, if you google him, you find as much as you need to know about him. And that is the truth about all of us.

Another point I hear often is, "I don't want my family to know anything about me." And yet, we are OK with strangers following us on twitter or looking at our pictures on Instagram. We are happy to air our views on Facebook which can be read by strangers, but we don't want our families to know. Isn't it safer to have the family know rather than strangers?

I find that we can do nothing without social media, email, Aadhar. There are CC TV cameras everywhere and we are trying to hide in plain sight! Considering we can't even buy a simple phone online without it. And this, when we are a world of online shoppers!

So what are we cribbing about? If you're out there, be there with aplomb! Be who you are. Put out information that you want people to see and know you by, because we all know that even companies follow our social media footprints.

Then what's with the paranoia? I'm getting married. I'm going to delete all my social media accounts, said one. So basically live a lie or have no past for the rest of your life? Wouldn't you rather be with someone who is OK with your past.

"Oh God!  My wife / husband will find out that I was on a dating / matrimonial website and stop trusting me." "Partner", I want to say, "How does your spouse think you found him / her?" Besides, suspect you? Not trust you? Because you had friends, had fun and looked for love? Really? How are you planning to spend your life then?

My views entirely, but you exist. You had a life and are going to have one as long as you are alive. Share it with those who matter (family included), stop pretending to be someone you are not, own your life and stop worrying too much. Just keep your own safety in mind and get on with it. And if it worries you so much, get off it. Don't be out there and bore everyone with your security concerns!

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