Thursday, 6 October 2011

Is this it?

Is this it? This marriage thing? This falling in love thing?

I have now been married for 6 days and I am now rewinding to the many evenings full of giggles when as young girls we dreamt of how we would feel when we met THE ONE! We firmly believed that the world would stop, our knees would buckle and the heart would skip a beat...that somewhere deep in our hearts we would just know that our souls had connected!

But that isn't what actually happens...not to me at least. I met Prashant at a Footloose party. It was an event where he didn't want to come (who wants to meet single chicks) and I almost didn't go (I had fever). But life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...and so we both turned up. We met! NOTHING happened. Nada! We chatted (it's my job at Footloose), I introduced him to other girls (!!!!!) and we went home.

Exchanged a few messages and hung out with a big group of friends. No violins played i the background to help us know that we were falling into love! It wasn't inconvenient or disturbing or confusing. No one chased anyone. No big statements were made, no one had to be rescued from feelings of fear.

It was dull as love stories go! But here's the thing! There were no tears and consulting friends or freaking out. We had fun. We left our pasts behind, didn't care about the future and put no pressure on ourselves. We didn't fall in love! We gently slipped into it without realizing it. Began to care about each other without talking about "giving it a try." Hell! He never even asked me out!

And the best one! He never claimed to love me or even ask me to marry him. We just took each day at a time without realizing it and 7 months later, here I am...Mrs. Vadhyar!

Why am I telling you tjis story when it has no drama? Because I've realized that falling i love is not dramatic or fun or sad or scary or blah blah blah! Once you stop thinking (my friend Apu calls it "analysis paralysis"), it's easy. And that's when the fun begins.

So why don't all you single people think about it while I go off to be the smug married with the man who never fell in love with me. And whom I never fell in love with...but that's not something we care about...because we are so busy having fun now, with no pressure at all!


  1. I am finally believing you! All this time i thought you were pulling a prank... Big Congratulations for what sounds like a simple cool match!
    Way to go Girl!

  2. Congratulations to Prashant and you! May you have a long and happy life together:)