Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Let's get you married!

Ever since I got married, (a mere 2 weeks ago), I've been getting calls, messages and emails...all saying the same thing. "Now that Abhishek and you are both married, help me get married."

Wonder if people realize it, but we did that 2 years ago when we started Footloose No more!!! Where else would any of us meet so many single people? How else would not just us, but other members of the group would have found our other halves?

It's true that both Abhi and I were single and didn't want to spend our lives being footloose. We wanted to be in relationships, even married, and we approached it with absolute focus. Started the group and started working towards finding someone. We wanted to check out the scene, even went out with people, but never pretended to ourselves that we were cool being single! What would be the point in that? The ones who wanted to be in relationships would have ignored us, and the ones who were happy being single would not have taken it beyond a few dates. So we came clean about what we wanted. Result, Abhi met and married Dali 6 months after the group started.

I took longer. 18 months. And this in spite of being the creator of the group. True, there were people who got scared but I never wavered. I wanted to be in a relationship - married, and I made it clear. What I also made clear was that I was happy to see where things went. I was willing to figure it out ans wasn't expecting a few coffees and dinners to translate into marriage.

I put myself out there. That was step one! Then I met people, talked to them, exchanged numbers and went out. Things didn't work for 18 months. But I didn't get bitter. I was patient. Because in my many years on this earth, I hadn't ever met anyone I wanted to marry or who wanted to marry me (yes! It is mutual!). So what was a little more time. It was not as if I was meeting single men anywhere else.

So I chose to be in the company of people I'd got to know and see who the next event would bring. 

I didn't bitch, crib or hold anyone else responsible. Things worked out when they had to. Meanwhile, I had a blast and still continue to do so.

The point is that the opportunity to meet single men got created and I made use of it. I didn't sit at home feeling shy or nervous or wondering what people would think of me...because no one else was waking up alone every morning but me. So make the effort, take that chance and do what you have are the only one who is going to care enough to do it for you!


  1. Teacher aunty, help me get married!!!!!! pllllllssssssssss............

  2. Really?!!! ... can you (varsha) get people married?? or better put it " Can anyone get anyone married" ?! Well, in today`s time not even parents can JUST get you married !! I genuinely feel great that, the one who started FL is now FL no more:-) It took Abhi 6 months and Varsha 18 months, its only our human nature to ask "when will be my time" ..and there is no answer for this? But, surely there`s a way... and the way is ..of course! First; Its HOPE and FAITH, and second..may be have a look at your check list of what you want?! ... or may be... make a new check list... WHAT CAN I GIVE?!

  3. my god! for a bimbette you are surprisingly insightful! Beautifully written Varshi. Will share this with my single friends :)