Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The eternal debate!

"a few scientist were doing an experiment and they put a rat in a cage and they started passing electricty on one side of the the rat evry time he went to that side would get a shock...the rat soon realised that and stopped going to that side of the cage, and it ws all gud for him...after a few days the scientists changed the side they were passing it was the other as soon as the rat would go to the other side he would get a he stopped going to that side and stayed in the middle...he realised if he did that he was ok...but the scientist after a few days changed the whole thing...and nw started passing current randomly all the rat got confused...he just didnt know where he would be safe...suddenly one day the scientists stopped passing current in the cage instead they opened the door...but the rat didnt run out...he had given up...its a true experiment...perhaps it has no connection with what you have asked Varshaa...still this story came to my mind when I read ur question...and if its bit morbid plz delete it....but am sure given time, the rat must have mustered a bit of courage and soon ventured out into happiness and freedom...for one forgets pain and fear too..."

This is a story written on the Footloose No More wall by Mridula Singh! The debate was marriage vs who wants to get hurt. Problem is, that I understand both points of view. I waited for the longest time before getting married! But my reason had nothing to do with getting hurt. I just never met anyone who wanted to make me commit!

To those who say they are afraid of being hurt, I say read the story once again. Some of us have been married before and it didn't work out. So what? We failed in school but did we quit? Didn't get that promotion even after working hard! Have we given up working? We know that if we eat street food, there is a 50% chance that our stomach will revolt! Do we not attack that chat regularly? And where is the guarantee that always eating sensibly will ensure a strong stomach?

Then there are those who say I see relationships failing around me so I will not commit! Really? You see people dying in accidents around you so what the hell are you doing outside your house? Oh wait! You're running from the roof that may someday collapse! When was the last time you learned from other people's mistakes? Have we not heard everyone say that we need to find out for ourselves! So? What's your excuse for not being able to commit? If you really like someone and still cite fear, then I say, you're a fence sitter! You just want to explore more.

And that is the point...if you are exploring, why not explore relationships too? That roof may fall someday, or your fears maybe unfounded and you may live happily ever after. At least try it! How do you know you won't like it?

I've been married 7 weeks and I have no idea what the future holds for me! What I do know, is my present is awesome! It's full of fun and laughter and romance and shared evenings and long walks and feeling very very loved! No matter what happens, I'm glad I embarked on this great adventure! Because that's all life's an be explored! Chances need to be taken and fun has to be had! Afterall, what's a few scratches compared to the thrill of a great adventure! As for that heart we worry so much about, it's job is just to pump blood so that we are alive and enjoying life!

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  1. Married 7 weeks only????
    I so agree...tis better to dare. If you don't dare to love, you will never find out.