Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Monogamy is over rated!

It's 2 am and I'm sitting in the studio, editing. I haven't slept for 36 hrs now and work is hectic. Yet, I can't stop smiling. The reason, once again is fabulous news from Footloose No More. Two of our members met here at an event and got engaged today, soon to be married! Great news indeed and I had to share it. But this also brings me to the next point....These two people wanted a relationship and admitted to it!

Most people want to be in relationships. Yet, when they meet someone interesting, they instantly say, "Oh! I'm not looking for anything." Or "Monogamy is over rated." Or "I've seen my friends getting married and divorced and I've decided to have a good time." Defence mechanism? For sure!

Most of us, in my opinion, are afraid to change our lives. So we find ways to sabotage it. What else would explain people whose status updates are almost always about love and relationships saying stuff like this? Unless of course, they believe that this makes them sound cool and will make them more attractive and interesting. But what happens is the opposite. Once we hear this, we lose interest. In this day, with most of us, over the age of 30 and single, have too much to do. We manage our work and homes and have to find the time to look for a partner too. In another day, our parents would have helped us find someone...but God forbid we let that happen! Imagine what our friends will say! "Haw! They had an arranged marriage!" Oh the shame!

But when we say such cool lines, the other person automatically backs off. Who wants to waste time and energy on someone who doesn't want anything or doesn't believe in long term. Give me honesty any day! If you believe in long term, most of us will give it a try. It may not work out because we are not compatible. If it has to end, let the person tell me so.

I find that most women respect themselves too much to go out with a man who does not want anything but a fling or an affair! Ditto for the men. Once they figure out that you are not looking for something serious or are scared to commit will walk away. Except the wannabe playboys of course!

I had decided that when I go out with a man, and if it doesn't work out, let it be because we weren't compatible! Not because he didn't want long term. I respected myself too much for that. And that is the only way of finding "the one". By honestly admitting to the world, but above all, to ourselves, that we do want a relationship. Why else would we spend our days (and often nights) searching for relationship quotes so we can copy and paste them?



  2. You said it...going through that...and heck, if it isn't going anywhere except just bed, I don't want it. Period.

  3. Hey you are bang on...! reinforces my own feeling. Thanks!!