Sunday, 20 May 2012

Girls just wanna have fun!

Yesterday was one of the best afternoons of my life! I spent it with 6 fiesty women...we hing out, clicked pictures for a friend, ribbed each other, gave encouragement and discussed everything under the sun. These were 6 women I have only got to know in the recent past. We came together because we were all single (I'm not anymore, so I am just the agony aunt) and most of us actually spent time with each other for the first time.

As the day progressed I realized that people who say women can't be friends have no idea of what they are talking about. Most of us were just names on the website having never met before. But as the afternoon progressed, we realized that we were all absolutely alike in some ways and chalk and cheese in others. The only thing constant was that we were all out to experiment and have fun...and what better support than other girls for something like this?

As the afternoon progressed, I figured one thing...these girls could very easily be rivals. All good looking, all successful, full of confidence and above all fun! It could very easily have been a game of "I'm the coolest". But it wasn't. In stead, it was an afternoon of bonding and new friendships were formed.

Even on Footloose No More, I see women befriending women (rivals?), while men only befriend women. The girls hang out together very often, but the men want to only meet women!

When something goes wrong, whom do we call? When something goes right, whom do we call?

Conclusion - women are capable of making new friends at any age and in any circumstances and are able to hold on to them. The evidence is below!

So those who say two women can't be friends, kindly eat your hats now!


  1. Thanks babes.. Yesterday afternoon was simply superb.. Meeting all those lovely friends was great.. and the bonding as you said was awesome.. I for one truly admire the women on footloose.. Made great friends with lots of them..Hats of to all the women I met yesterday and those i Meet at Footloose.. Very well said as usual..Taken out the words from each of our hearts and mouths..

  2. Madame Fabulousity! You were uber cool yesterday. We all had a lot of fun and it was so much fun seeing you quietly take a side step and let others loosen up...yea, that wasn't lost out on me.
    Yes, women can be friends...they always are...girlfriends rock!!!!
    Whatever monstrous stuff I may say, this time on, ahem! Take a bow!

  3. that is soo true..very well expressed varsha..feels great to be in right company any time..and this saturday afternoon was one such time! :)

  4. Awww!!!! You posted the pictures!!! Thank you!