Friday, 4 May 2012

He loves me, he loves me not!

So a guy proposed to a girl two weeks after meeting her and she ignored it! When I asked her the reason, she said it was too soon. This, keeping in mind that they have been spending every minute together since they met. She claims that she is in love with him and he has proclaimed it too. So then, how soon is too soon? We wait to find someone we want to spend our lives with, but when we find them (and drive our friends insane with dumb soppy stories), we want to wait, or eventually run. It's really strange! According to me, (and this is purely my opinion), there's nothing called too soon. When it feels right, is the right time! As for the proposal coming too soon, I'd rather know the man's intentions from the start, than spend months on someone who says "I never thought of marriage. I figured since I never brought it up, you'd understand." at least an early proposal means the man is not looking for a roll in the hay, unless he's a complete creep, of course! And to completely ignore it, would pretty much convey that you're avoiding the subject or marriage is not on your mind! When we crow from rooftops that marriage is what we want, then we owe an answer to the other party and it's perfectly ok to say, "could we spend some more time getting to know each other." similarly, it would be nice to know at the beginning, that the other half of this whatchamacallit is not looking at anything beyond a few laughs. The point is intention - and the stating of it, so the other party knows what they're in for. But then, this is only my own opinion. Me, being the girl who knew within days of meeting my now husband, that he was the one! And his proposal felt right! There's no way of knowing if it was too soon, or even what life has in store for us, but one thing I do know for sure...I'd rather have too soon, than wait until it's too late!

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  1. It's a tricky thing. I see skid marks, I also see those with intentions not going beyong a roll in the hay and lucky is the person who is able to light up because someone has entered their life and brought a new season with it.
    Eventually, if it's meant to be, it will be.