Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year Resolve

I normally do not make any resolutions. This is because, one new year, I woke up and realised that I had to fulfill at least 300 resolutions made over the past years. I don't know a single person who keeps theirs. But - last year, I was speaking to a friend who asked me what my resolution was. Without thinking I replied that I was going to be married around my birthday! It was meant to be a joke since I didn't know any man I could marry! But I had faith and it was as if I informed the universe that this is what I wanted, and I was married exactly a month after my birthday :) This year- no resolution except to keep the faith...and of course kick a few asses! Actually only two! Male and female!

It started like this - a lady I know called me to ask if I could speak to a guy who had made an indecent proposal to her! I barely know him and didn't think it was my place to do so, but when ever a woman is insulted, my blood boils! She told me that they went out for dinner and he made the suggestion of "let's head to bed!" I asked her if she told him that what he wanted was available in other places and if he was desperate, he could pay for it and get it, in stead of taking a girl to dinner! Her answer wanted me to kick her ass!

She said, in a most haughty voice, that she was not the kind of woman who says things like this to a man and makes a scene, no matter what happens. I asked her what she did! She, apparently finished dinner with the same man (no scenes in a posh restaurant because what would people think of her) and asked him to drop her home! And then she called me!

Why do these women think others are going to act as vigilantes for them? Why do they need to be protected? Why do they think being dignified is about not creating a scene, no matter what happens? Do they really think that being a woman equals a weeping willow act? And why should other women come to their rescue?

 Make a scene if someone misbehaves, I say! In public, kick his ass or he'll do it again! Do not expect others to do this for you! Take charge of your own life, or expect to have your ass kicked by men, women and life in general!

So I'm going to kick some ass!

Apart from this, I do resolve to recycle - clothes, bottles, bags, news papers and emotions! If one person doesn't want it, move on and give it to someone else! As long as it keeps you happy!

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  1. There are more ways than one of kicking ass. The woman can make pubic the man's indecent suggestion and make his name mud. He'll never be able to live that down, unlike a scene in a restaurant.