Monday, 7 January 2013

Be a man!!!

Last night we had the most amazing fund raiser show of The Vagina Monologues and I came away inspired and impressed by the women there! Each one was strong, confident, beautiful, talented, supportive and eager to be friends with the other girls...and I realized that it takes a supremely secure woman to be happy with other women. And this whole thing about 2 women can't be friends is absolute rot!

I have no idea what makes these women stand up and hold their heads high, but they do. So then why do we say be a man? It should really be "be a woman!" Be strong like those of us who have reached a place in life where we are happy being ourselves!

Having said this, I have to admit that I love men! I am who I am because of strong female role models, but the supportive men in my life are truly inspiring. Starting with my dad who taught me to think for my self, to my brothers, friends, husband and father in law, each one of them has made it amply clear that they are with me in all that I do. And that is what makes me so confident and secure.

I realized today, that we don't need approval from men - we need companionship - we need the yang to our yin!And that is all we need from them and it would do us well to remember that! We are educated, and most of us are capable of paying our own bills, and yet, what a man does professionally seems very important.

It would do us well to remember that we don't need men to buy us those shoes, that bag, that rock! For that, we need the women to go shopping with us.We also have the friends who hold our hands when we are down, drag us to the gym, diet with us, take photos and to drag us down to earth! So most of the positions are already taken!

 But we do need the men to support, hug and hold!

So I appreciate the girls and hope that the men will learn "to be women"!

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