Monday, 18 February 2013

Things I've learned from strangers!

Yesterday we had the 2nd event of Footloose No More in Pune. About half way through the proceedings, everyone posed for a picture. It was one large group of about 30 people, all facing the door, with slightly crazed expressions, when the door opened and a new member walked in! He almost ran away! Imagine, 30 people starting at you as you walk in! And then yelling, "Newbie!" I would have run too. But this guy didn't. He needed a little hand holding and he stuck it out. While leaving, he said he had a blast and would see us this week for the Bombay event!

What did I learn from this? That everyone is nervous while trying something new. Everyone is worried that no one will talk to them, ridicule them or that they will be out of place. And this is completely justified. The only thing to keep in mind is that everyone feels the same way! Once we unite in our nervousness, you can't help but make new friends.

I also learnt that people in general are good. They will try to make a rank stranger comfortable. And that one can never have enough friends. That an afternoon talking to strangers and breaking bread with them can be truly fulfilling and can sometimes change your life.

But the most important thing I learned is that above all, we have to be willing to make that change, take that step and try the new! Most times it works, and if it doesn't - hey! It's a new experience :)

So go on! Try something new this week and see where life leads you - because what could be better than a new discovery!

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