Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Let there be music...

Two years ago, I met a man who told me he is a music composer. Very pompously I asked him if he was going to compose a song about me. He said, "No. But I'll sing to you." So off we went to Soul Fry for karaoke. I didn't think of it as a date and had about 20 friends with me. He was unfazed. He sang "In these arms," by Bon Jovi! An unusual choice of song for wooing a girl(I had expected "Strangers in the night" or some such) and the next thing I knew, we were on a real date, and 6 months later, married! So music was indeed the food for love in my case.

 The point of this is not to tell anyone my love story! It is the fact that this man was not afraid to sing, make an ass of himself (he didn't), being judged by my friends (he was) or worry about whether he would get the girl! He just did what he had to and let life take it's course!

I'm a regular at any place where you can be noisy, indulge in good natured ribbing and boo people who don't take it badly! In fact, I find that most people go along with it and enjoy it. We just need to bring along our sense of humour and not be afraid! At karaoke, I made a million friends (and I'm tone deaf). I never sang - just harassed anyone who did and had a blast! I participated in something I can't actually do - and I discovered that there are many ways of participating in any activity - many ways of shining (though I wouldn't advise standing on the table and shouting).

So take that chance, make an ass of yourself, have fun while doing it and who knows where life will take you. What are you gaining by doing the same thing everyday anyway?

Pics - 1 - The mike in Prashant's studio.
2 -   Footloose No More Jam Session - this resulted in marriage no. 3
3 -  PrashantVadhyar sings to Varsha Agnihotri - she becomes Mrs Vadhyar 6 months later.
4 - Footloose No More members show their creative side!

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