Friday, 22 February 2013

Me, myself and I

When I was younger, I was busy having fun, working, being the belle of the ball, buying those new shoes, going for that party, date with the new guy blah blah blah...basically having a blast! Then came relationships! When they started I drove everyone insane by talking about them and when they ended, I drove everyone insane by talking about them! Basically, I did everything but pay attention to ME!

I was busy doing everything under the sun! Hanging out with friends, always making time for everyone else, work work work (in my book, ambition is a beautiful world! It equals success), and on a day off, I felt lost. So I hid at home, or started calling people to hang out with. And I never ended up hanging out with ME!

Everyone thought I was this fun, giggling girl who was always up for a new adventure, always willing to experiment and always there for everyone. But I was never there for ME!

Somewhere along the way, I forgot myself! I forgot to look after myself and I forgot to get to know myself. And when I did, I realized that apart from all this, I was also a quiet person! I was introspective, spiritual (not into spirits though) and I actually liked being by myself. And thus began the greatest love affair of my life! Me with ME!

Once I learned to love myself, everything fell into place! I loved looking good, so I lost weight, bought a new wardrobe! I liked eating well so I started experimenting with cooking (thankfully that one didn't last), but above all, I realized that I like being with someone! I didn't like being single, so I got out and did something for ME! I started Footloose No More, met a good man and got married!

The point is, that we all make the time for work, for friends, for family, for completely unimportant things, but never for ourselves. So, before we set out to be who people think we are, let us stop and meet ourselves and see what we like, and put our effort into first making this relationship work! Because this is the only one that's guaranteed to last :)

Repeat 500 times a day, "I love ME!"

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