Sunday, 24 February 2013

It's about destiny!

It's all about destiny! Yes it is! If it's meant to be, it will be! And we all say this with amazing regularity. And yet, we seem to have no faith in our destinies - at least not where our personal lives are concerned. Let me elaborate...

If we lose a job, we don't go home, lie down and say "I give up!" We get out ans start looking for another one. Car breaks down? We get it fixed! But have a break up, and we say, "love is not in my destiny." Even if we do get out and start again, we prepare ourselves for failure again!

It's true. Talking to someone today, I had exactly this argument (by that I mean I gave gyan). She said, everyone here is too young, and these are excuses we've all heard. Go to a big gathering and say everyone was too young, too old, too dumb, not my type! This, in my personal opinion is already being defeated. How do we know if a person is our type just by looking at him/her across a room? How do we know that a person is too young without asking?

A guy once told me that he thought I was interesting, but he never asked me out because he thought I was too young for him. Turned out, I was a month older than him. I just wish he had not defeated himself without asking! I wish he had faith.

And that is the point. In preparing ourselves for our next heart break ( we are so sure that it's about to happen ) that we give up before we start!

I won't say have faith in yourself, or the system or the world! I say have faith in your destiny! Surely you can believe that some good will happen to you! Just as in to each life some rain must fall, into each life, some sunshine will creep in!

And the next time you lose faith in yourself, have faith in your destiny and move on! And when you start a sentence with "I don't think," do exactly that! DON'T THINK!


  1. Spot On! I must say, you and Abhishek have a very precise approach in bringing the loopholes into spotlight and under your cross-hair.

    I guess it takes hell lot of experience and reasoning to be thinking this way, being able to sharp-shoot the gaps in general human thinking.

    Great job! Keep it up. [chota mooh badi baat, please excuse.. it's become a habit now but just wanted to speak my mind. :)]

  2. I am a big believer of Destiny ! Yes we all give up even before we tried. Experience and once bitten twice shy makes us so cynical. I yes am now meeting people who are all looking for that some one. Have a positive attitude I say. Get to know the person behind that exterior because we are all a bit wary.Don't give up so easily because there is some one out there who you are meant to be with. Trust, hope and firm belief that love will conquer all !Do not wait for destiny to unfold for the rest of your life, go grab it with both your hands !