Friday, 15 March 2013

Mistakes men make while approaching a woman!

This has already been published on so some may have read it. Reposting it here!

The 5 mistakes men make while approaching a woman! Actually, it’s more than 5 – it’s infinite, but we’ll start slow!
1 -           “How you doin?” or versions of this - We forgive Joey when he says this. Hell! We love it when he says this, but he isn’t real. We will never need to deal with him on a daily basis except on TV for 23 minutes a day. But when you meet us and start in this fashion, we worry that you have forgotten to grow up, exactly as Joey has! We want a man to share our lives with, not a little boy who will need to be taught the art of conversation. So please brush up the opening line. And if you can’t think of anything, a simple “Hi. I’m so and so” will do!
2 -           Appreciating us with your eyes – also known as staring! Please! Do you really need to look us up and down? If you want to talk to us, look into our eyes! Chances are, you’ll find the answers to all your questions in there.
3 -           Once you have approached us, please do not check out the rest of the room. If we are polite enough to speak to you, please offer us the same courtesy! And no, that hot girl in the short dress is not showing any interest in you while you are making her and us uncomfortable! When you feel the urge to check out the room for other possibilities, refer to point number 2!
4 -           We love a man with a sense of humour so go ahead and be funny. But stay away from sexist, religious or political jokes! That smile you see when you do that is actually a grimace and we can’t wait to get away from you! When you feel like cracking an off colour joke, curb your enthusiasm! And before you open your mouth, think of what we will be saying to our friends later – because it’s true – girls do talk! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
5 -           Do not flaunt your money or lack of it! This is the biggest turn off. We don’t need your money. Nor do we want it. If you are buying us a drink, buy us what we like, if we accept it. Do not force bottles of wine on us and do not try to impress us with the price of your watch. Also, do not tell us your life story or how you are between jobs and financially strapped. We are not paying for your drink, dinner or your life. Your financial matters are your own, as are ours!
6 -           It was supposed to be 5, but we can’t resist this 6th one. DO NOT TELL US ABOUT YOUR EX! If you go down that path, you will never come out a winner. If you say good stuff about her, we think you’re still pining and lose interest. And if you say bad stuff, we wonder what you will say about us if things don’t work out. Either way, this is a conversation best saved for a time when there is a relationship. At this point we are strangers so let’s stick to small talk.
And here’s a little tip to make up for all the mistakes you made in the past. SMILE! We like that. Show us respect, be polite, be attentive, don’t be too clever because we can spot a fake (we’re sure you’ve heard of women’s intuition – it’s usually right). Don’t do anything special – just be a gentleman!

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