Saturday, 16 March 2013

That's how the cookie crumbles!

Once upon a time, there was a lovely girl  (could also have been a guy, but since I'm writing this, it's a girl. But this does apply to the men too). She was attractive, intelligent, upwardly mobile and had a great bunch of friends with whom she spent her free time! Life was a hoot but she was dissatisfied. She felt life needed to be more than work, TV, shopping and pubs! So she decided to do something about it! She decided to look around for other activities and enrolled in everything that seemed interesting. These included book clubs, sailing, clycling, gym, yoga, cooking, salsa and of course - the search for a partner! She paid up for these to ensure that she would get out of her comfort zone!

The first "thing" was on a weekday! "Oh! I don't go out on weekdays!", said the fair maiden (or gentleman if you please).

Along rolled the weekend! "Oh! Saturday night! I have plans with my friends!" (The same friends she had been meeting for 15 yrs every Saturday).

Then came Sunday - brunch! "Oh! I want to sleep/ have my hair done/ watch paint dry!" (Take your pick).

Then it was next weekend! "Oh! I can't go! I don't go out at night!"

Evening coffee. "Oh! I can't go. It's too far from my house!"

In her vicinity. "Oh! I don't drink coffee."

Breakfast? "I'm on a diet."

Trek? "The sun is too harsh."

Dinner? "I hate being indoors!"

Lunch? "Too slow and boring!"

Dancing? Singing? "Too noisy."

So she sat at home or did all the familiar things forever and said, "Oh! Life's too boring. It'll never change. Nothing will happen for me. I'll never find love!"

And finally,  "I need to do something new to change my life!"

And the whole thing starts again! We want more options so we can find new excuses and say "NO" to more things!

And that's how the cookie crumbles!


  1. This is, and i apologize for being biased, true mostly with women.

  2. maam have been reading quite a few of ur articles and must say there are quite refreshing do continue the great run !!

  3. I am glad there's a guy shown in the image above the blog post.;)But I guess the 3Cs make a lot of sense. Thanks for the post Varsha.