Friday, 29 March 2013

Mars vs Venus

I've had an interesting week! I've heard stories that all of us have heard may times! Boy met girl, asked her out, things progressed, he said he was only looking for fun, she got upset, they split up! Now she says mean stuff about him and he calls her crazy...and Mars and Venus are back!

This particular couple, both wanting to get married, hooked up! It lasted a few weeks, and when the girl said "us", he went on to explain that he is not on the same page as her!

So how different are these pages? Or are they completely different books altogether?

When you go out with someone, a woman always presumes that it will lead somewhere...that she is not the object of fun...and the guy seems to think it's fun unless he falls hopelessly in love. Fact is that both parties have already made up their minds even before they have the "talk." And that is where the problem arises.

After we hit a certain age, and admit to wanting to "settle down," perhaps one should be a little careful! Make intentions clear and don't let it get out of the friend zone, because those few weeks of fun can and do break hearts and that is when bitterness towards the entire gender creeps in! And how much fun can heart break be?

Have fun, I say, but make it crystal clear so there are no misunderstandings and let the other person make his/her own choices! COMMUNICATE, so that your friends don't have to suffer the after affects of your relationship :)

But here is the problem - women speak with estrogen, while men hear with testosterone!

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  1. haha , nicely written ! you have some skill I say :)

    cannot agree more, particularly the second half - so important to communicate. You could not be more correct about what women think when they go out with a man (who knows better than a woman !) but I got to tell you - not all men (there are many exceptions !) only think of having fun, but they necessarily are not certainly thinking "I'm gonna settle down with this girl right here". Give it time - take a breath, and COMMUNICATE :)