Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What's your blood group?

I'm a really positive person - the eternal optimist and I'm rarely down! My friends say I'm a monster on speed and my husband laughs at my blood group! It is B POSITIVE! He says that's truly apt :)

And that is how I manage to stay afloat through everything life throws at me. B POSITIVE! Of  late, I've been meeting a lot of people, largely women, who seem to B NEGATIVE! These are women who have got a raw deal from life. They believe life singled them out and now it is their job to be bitter and hurt all their lives. If anything good happens, there's a snide comment, "really? she thinks it'll last?" Or, "Watch him fall! These things always end!" Or,"Enjoy it while you can because all men are bastards!" I agree with a lot of this. Nothing lasts - but that means nor do the bad times. As for bum deals, everyone gets them at some point or another, because into each life, some rain must fall. We accept that some have been hurt more than others, but then let's also applaud the ones who get up ans keep walking in stead of existing bitterly! And if you are unable to get up, get help. Here are some stories to help you along.

1-  Girl, 23 yrs of age, happily married, 2 kids - 3 yrs and 1 yr respectively, loses her husband to an unfortunate accident. Everyone rallies around to help, but eventually people must return to their own lives. The girl had never worked before. But she started small. Slowly she picked herself up, had faith in her destiny and started limping along. She didn't get bitter with life. She just accepted what had happened and slowly learnt to walk again! Today, she is doing very well and is happily married to a wonderful man. She never stops smiling! This is a girl I've known since the day she was born and this is a story I tell everyone who calls me to cry.

2 - I meet a guy at a party. He is cheerful and fun! We go on to become great friends. I yell at him when I'm pissed and generally call him "ass"! One night he calls me really late. A friend has lost a parent and he is really stressed. I tell him not to worry because we're all here. His reaction seems extreme. This is when he tells me that he lost both parents in one accident and knows how it feels. In stead of being bitter with life, he found compassion!

3 - Boy - 5 yrs old, loses father. The mother is devastated. He is suddenly responsible for cheering her up. He does his best and in stead of falling apart, he grows up to be responsible. He slowly convinces his mother to find happiness again. She listens to him. They are a happy family again. The boy is now 15 and I'm so proud of him that I could die!

4 - Girl gets pregnant. Boy friend runs away! She has no choice but to let the whole dream go. She gets professional help. Today, she is a normal happy person and falls in love once a week. She is a believer in happiness and this is inspired by a text I received from her this morning. She infected me with her smile today :)

5 - Girl gets married with stars in her eyes. Gets pregnant, catches him cheating on her. It ends in shambles but she has a great kid to make her smile. Picks herself up and concentrates on work. Falls in love again. Remarries. It ends the same way. I met her at this point. I thought she'd be bitter, willing to rain on everyone's parade. But she's happy go lucky, self contained and encouraging to anyone who is down and out. She inspires us with her story and says she tells life to "bring it on!" She's ready for the joy and the shit. Life gives up! She meets someone and marries again. All of us end up smiling!

I could have put in the sad stories, but those are the ones that have my sympathy and today I wanted to tell the stories that have my respect! To all these strong people I know, I raise my imaginary hat because I have learnt that invaluable lesson - pick yourself up and start walking - and B POSITIVE! So, what's your blood group?

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