Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gonna be Superman! Or woman! Or not!

I want a super power! Anything at all will do (let it be known here that I think even cooking is a super power, so it should be pretty easy to give me one!) But when these powers were being handed out, I, clearly, was napping, so I don't even have the most common one...one that all single people seem to have - the power to look at a person across a crowded room and know that he/she is a loser! In fact, some have honed this to an extent that they can look at the back of your head, in a photograph, with 3 others in it, and say for a certainty that you are not their type! And I do wish I had it when I was single. It would have saved me some bad decisions and some monster dates. It would have also deprived me of a lot of fun, a lot of men who went on to become great friends and a life full of amusing stories, but that's a story for another day!

some of those I couldn't judge and who are today my closest friends!

But I digress as usual! How do you do it? How do you know in a room full of 100 single people, not speak to even one of them and decide that they are not your type? If it were that simple, there would be no bad relationships, friendships gone bad, stabs in the back or break ups and divorces. We'd just look at a picture and say, of course this one was made for me and get on with life with that person.

As a woman, I would know by looking at the back of a man's head, what he is like, whether he is divorced, looking for marriage, what car he drives, what he does in his free time, will he be a good husband and father! But I was deprived of this power, so I talked to everyone, exchanged hellos and in some cases even went out with them, and finally married one of them. But I realized that the others were not my type, based either on instinct or something they said or did, not in a dark night club without knowing their names. And I figured my husband was my type by going out with him, meeting his friends and introducing him to mine!

The one I went out with and married!

And today, I admit that when I said a "man was not my type" without knowing anything about him, I was actually worried that I many not be his type...that he would not want to go out with me...that he was judging me, the way I had judged others! It was my shortcoming and not his.

So I beseech all of you with this super power of being able to judge the book without even looking at the cover, please share your phone numbers with me so I can call you when I'm in doubt about a person and benefit from your wisdom! Meanwhile, happy judging!

More of those I didn't manage to judge! They have all enriched my life in different ways!


  1. very true Varsha...I can so relate to this!I'll make sure when I attend my first footloose event,I leave those 'super powers' behind ;)

  2. Mwaah! You did right. I didn't manage to get it right even when I did it again but heck it doesn't stop me from saying hello.