Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Break Up!!!

Have you seen The Break Up? Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan refusing to move out of the house and .million versions of it, as I'm sure we all have. Some of us may even have been participants in the "I'll ruin your life game!"

Take for instance, Mr X and will Miss Y! It isn't working for her but when she tried to tell him that, he threatened her with the S word. Yes I do mean "I will harm myself and leave a note blaming you.  And so, I will ruin your life." Miss Y tried to reason with him but he is adamant. Apparently he can't live without her...the same girl he claims to not have much in common with. But she's gorgeous, makes great arm candy and is a truly nice person. I could be biased since she is my friend but there's nothing wrong with him either. To me, it seems like an ego trip! "How dare she break up with me?"

Here's another one! Mr and Mrs X decide it isn't working and he moves out. The next day, she is on social media talking about his emotional dysfunction! And every adult knows what ED stands for. If we were to believe these women who have ever broken up with a man, the entire male population is suffering from it! (At this point, someone needs to explain the population explosion to me.) When I finished reading the mail, I wanted to write back and say, "sure you're a knock out, doing well and have a rich father, but you sound like a super b*$#h."

I've heard it all! He is into S&M (Toh main kya karoon?), "He is obsessed with his mother." (Stick with him. Good sons make good fathers). " Her mother messed up our marriage." (In which case you are better off without that imbecile.)

My question is - we harp about freedom and rights, but the moment someone tries to break up with us, we lash back and try to humiliate, no, destroy the person we claim to have cared about! Do people not have the right to break up? Are we going to scare people into loving us or loving not at all? Are our egos bigger than our brains? Because a few years down the line, we sit back and say, "I'm glad that ended because I'm happier now."

So let me end by saying, I went out with great guys, it just didn't work for us...and I'm glad because today I'm married to another great guy! I don't know what life has in store for me, but I fell in love with a good man,  and that won't ever change because a Great Guy is a Great Guy even when he dumps me and may we all have the sense to move on and claim our happiness in stead of wasting time trying to ruin someone's life!

PS - There will be no real people pictures here!

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  1. Very good article. I wish more people follow this principle. A relationship really exists when two people make a joint investment. If one person withdraws, the most graceful thing to do is to let go. But then those two words are some of the most difficult words to practice in real life :-)