Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to fall in love!

How does one fall in love? It's quite simple really! First go wherever single people hang out, ask your friends to introduce you and land up at every party where you are likely to meet someone and once you have zeroed in on the target, set about figuring him/her out! Ask pertinent questions like age and profession and subtly try to figure out bank balance. Check which car he/she drives, is the house owned or rented, family history and education! Ignore the attraction and connect and focus! If subject is unsuitable financially, drop the matter and move on! But wait! This sounds like an arranged marriage scene, while we are talking of love! could it be because we are too busy trying to arrange love?

In Game of Thrones, The Kingslayer realizes that Lady Brienne, 6ft 3in tall and androgynous has fallen in love with Lord Renly! The Lord is short and petit, a little like a kid with facial hair and gay! Brienne is embarrassed but the Kingslayer tells her, "It's Ok! We can't choose who we fall in love with." And that is the crux of the matter! We can't choose because love is handled by the heart which has no brains!

Lady Brienned

Lord Renly

All my life, I have met people who look down upon love, scorn it, want it, need it - no matter how you look at it, everyone wants to fall in love! And why not? It is an amazing feeling! But it isn't a feeling that skin colour, hair length, height or size of the other person gives you! It is completely inexplicable and that is why we spend our lives falling in love with people our parents would disapprove of! You see, parents are the ones who check out the practical details! The ones who don't fall in love with the wrong ones have arranged marriages! But this is only my point of view.

The correct calculation for falling in love!

In my opinion, being practical is great and one needs to figure out details about the other person. For instance, it certainly wouldn't do to fall in love with a criminal. But to fall in love with a Mercedes? Now there's a problem! If you are a single parent or have different responsibilities, It's different. There are other people involved and you need to be practical. But if you are Footloose, at least give love a chance!

It's about a little faith in yourself. If you are educated, well traveled, brought up a certain way, that's the kind of person you will attract because the others will not connect with you and vice versa! You will only be able to connect with someone who understands you! And that is the person you are meant to be with!

Allow yourself to fall in love, I say! Enjoy it! Because when you close your eyes one last time and your life flashes before you, you will remember the moments with the person and not the car and house!

And that's how you fall in love with your soul mate!

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