Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to charm a girl into falling in love with you!

A friend of mine got an interest from a guy on a matrimonial site. She liked his profile and decided to chat. After the initial exchange of names, cities etc, the chat moved on to "so what are your interests?" The guy replied immediately, "I like Kamasutra!" The girl closed the chat window and exited the site.

Once upon a time, my sister in law introduced me to a guy she knew. He seemed perfect. We had common friends, interests, similar backgrounds and education...until...3 days of messaging (I felt I had found "the one") i got a message - "what are you wearing?" End of interaction! The man is history, and of course, I bitched him out to everyone who knew us! Now he is part of the people we call "creeple."

What is it with men? Why do you need to prove your sexual prowess? Do you think if you say you like Kamasutra, we will run and ravage you? If you make sexual innuendo, you will make yourself irresistible to us? Do you really believe that all women are waiting for you to make sexual comments so they can shout "you are the one for me" and spend their lives being your slaves?

Well, here's a news flash! Those deo ads you think are cool - they fool you! All those films where sex talk gets the girl, they're lies! The porn films - that's just feeding your fantasy! The real women like to be treated as ladies! They like to know about you, not how you like to "do it!" Not unless doing it means proposing a long term relationship.

Honestly, a man over the age of 25 constantly making innuendo seems a tad desperate to me, not to forget juvenile! But then that's just my opinion. Charm, consideration, wit, even being normal may make us fall in love with you, but sounding like an aging Don Juan will make us fall out of the nearest exit!

If you want a lady to take home to mommy, be a gentleman! If you want a wild cat, go hunting in the jungle, but please spare the normal girls! Trust me, we would rather be alone than be with the leader of the creeple! Now don't say we didn't tell you how to woo us!


  1. Hahaahahah! If only men got this right! I threw a date out of a car into the pouring rain because he just didn't get it. Long time ago that was...well, things haven't changed much eh?

  2. ~Hahahaha.. Absolutely true. I've met one or two such in FLNM itself. No names, but the sexual innuendo is just so so tiring and annoying!

    I ignored the behaviour of one such guy, gently pointing out that it's annoying. No surprises, he defended it, being his birthright as a man, a grown-up one. And told me that I wasn't mature enough to handle it!

    Rest is history, as is he.

  3. well, the very first thing that ladies like is RESPECT and than Appreciation,
    - appreciation of looks
    - appreciation for behavior
    - appreciation for dress

    don't know why these days guys have sex-on-mind only

    if U think that ur built up body can win her heart than U r very much wrong
    its the behavior that talks on ur behalf :)

  4. How true. A guy from a matrimony site once called me and 2 minutes(which he spent telling me how awesome he was to have gone to ISB and spent 2 years in NY) into the conversation was all i broke up with my ex cause of sexual incompatibility, have you done it? When? Who? Before marriage I want to......(Grrrrrrr).. n i was like, got to go.. Please don't call me ...I'll call you (NEVER)..

    Another one went, oh you are so pichra hua you don't drink n drive n some crap.....

    And these guys are well into their 30s n yet so juvenile

  5. I have so many stories of "charming behavior" especially the matrimony site guys... the best is when they go " so you are xyz years, why are you not married yet" I find it so irritating, once I replied back "Well I you tell me you are a couple of years older, why are you not married yet" he goes "aaaa studying, making a carrier blah blah" me"so what do you think I was doing, if you had so much to do so did I.. and by the way, you are older too!!!"

  6. Just love the way you put it Varsha.. only if men could understand to read between the lines.
    You will be amazed at my experience, this is a school mate of mine, who met me by accident..over a cup of cofee..he just casually asks .. how do u survive without **x ! can u beat it ..