Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mere brothers ki dulhans!

Yup! Both brothers got dulhans and having had my bothers do my bidding all my life, I wondered what it would be like. It was scary. A new relationship, new person! And having heard horror stories about bhabhis from friends, I was stressed. I didn't want to lose my brothers to the Chudail and the Daayan!

First came Jeeveeta! Soft spoken and shy. I played a prank on her, she laughed! Wah! The chudail had a sense of humour! She came from a different world, a different counrty and hardly knew any Hindi! But she learnt1 Hindi, cooking, dealing with the dirt and grime of delhi - all of it. She adopted all of it, and us and made my brother's bachelor pad home. Then my father fell ill, and this churail quit her job in a heartbeat to look after him. She brought new meaning to the word sewa. My parents can't live without her and nor can I!

Then came Dali1 That was my fault. I wrote to her on Facebook and demanded to know why she had never come for Footloose. She came, she saw and she conquered - my brother! I kicked myself! Wasn't sure how I felt about her. She was too independent, spoke very loudly and spoke her mind! What kind of woman does this? My parents ensured that they didn't keep seeing each other for the rest of their lives and ambushed them into getting married. And thus arrived my second brother ki dulhan. Since my brother and I live together, there was an adjustment period. She didn't seem too interested in anything. She went off to do her own thing. What the hell was happening here?

Then I realized that she was just giving space. That's what she does. Never asks a question, never intrudes, but the moment you need anything she is hovering around you like a bhoot. She may be independent but she's warm and loving and lovable!

The point to is that there are public personas and then there are the people we get to know when they become part of our lives. And I discovered immensely loving women here.  Mere borthers, you did well! Your dulhans truly made us a family!

And I hope that when my time comes, I will remember what I have learnt from these two girls! My Churail and Daayan - I'm glad you are mere brothers ki dulhans!


  1. Dali was NOT giving you space!!!.. she'd heard about your Chudail-Dayan split bi-polar problem and she was AVOIDING you, you duh!..

    Jeeveeta didnt need to do that because there are 1986 miles separating the two of you..And, as we speak, somewhere in Delhi, there is a soft-spoken, shy Mauritian girl, Jeeveeta, on her knees thanking her stars that the physical world aint getting any smaller even if the existential world is!

  2. wake up and smell the coffee...this is all called the political tamasha..."the dulhans being politically correct".

  3. Arti! I wrote this after smelling the coffee for years and realized that these 2 are worth their weight in god! As for politically correct, they speak their minds and are totally politically incorrect! Guess honest loving and lovable girls are tough to come by! I'm lucky to have them!

  4. Having met both..I have to agree..:)